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It takes alot of time, money, and work to do everything on this list. I left virtually no stone unturned.

-new 1x19 316SS standing rigging
-new Sta-locs and backstay insulators
-new Profurl with new control line blocks
-new lifelines
-new Quantum mainsail (new mainsail cover by North)
-new Quantum storm jib
-new thru-hulls and seacocks, and hoses
-new professionally-sprayed Imron on cockpit and coaming
-new dodger and bimini
-new Fleming steering vane
-new Simrad 772 radar
-new 4-Winds wind generator
-new 75w and 120w solar panels
-new "smart" regulators on everything
-new radar, windgen, and solar panel arch
-new cockpit cushions
-new weather clothes
-new lee clothes
-new aft deck extension for stowage and fishing with fillet
-----table and washdown pump
-new SS hotwater heater by Atlantic
-new Zodiac 6-man liferaft
-new Fortress F-23 anchor on chain/rope rode
-new 12v refrigeration
-new upholstery
-new Icom VHF
-new Magna BBQ
-new Kenwood stereo
-new fans, curtains, some lights
-new knot and depth gauges
-new Racor 500 Turbine fuel filter/separator w/vacuum gauge
-new built-in, fresh-water, retracting cockpit shower
-new hi-volume "Rule" save-the-ship bilge pump w/alarm
-new low oil and overheat alarms

-new electrical system upgrades:

-new Statpower TC-40 stand alone charger
-new Heart 1000w stand alone inverter
-new Balmar 100amp alternator
-new 300amp house bank
-new engine starting battery
-new microwave
-everything heavily wired and fused

Now here is everything that has been repaired, replaced, renewed, or just plain added:

-belowdecks Autohelm 6000 autopilot
-completely rebuilt cable-in-conduit steering
-stunning mahogany cockpit trim done in Honey Teak (highest
-----rated by Practical Sailor) There is no other brightwork
-engine cooling system removed, boiled out, reinstalled
-rebuilt/restored Baby Blake toilet (a $1700.00 toilet!!)
-Selden (Swedish) mast and boom reconditioned
-restored and stunning light-teak woodwork below
-beautiful custom wicker-cane cabinetry below
-winches cleaned and re-packed

I know I'm forgetting some things because I had pages and pages of lists over the two years. As I recall them I will add above.


This shows the cockpit of the Bostrom 37. Note the "V" supports in the center-front of the bimini for extra strength and as a handhold while manuevering. There is a large version of this shot on another page.

Engine and Misc gear

-Volvo MD-21-B 45hp with less than 1200hrs (doesn't leak coolant or oil) Runs like a top and strong.
-45gals fuel
-70gals water
-15gal holding tank
-15' spinnaker pole
-35lb Delta anchor on chain/rope rode
-Simpson-Lawrence Sea Tiger windlass
-running backstays

-6'4" deep fin keel with 7,000lbs of lead
-partial skeg rudder
-eng room doors on both sides for exceptional accessibility
(not down in the bilge)
-stand alone storeroom for storage, supplies, and gear
-vessel does not leak.....anywhere. Period!!

More Stuff:

-10.5' Achilles hypalon inflatable in near new condition
-4hp Yamaha outboard in near new condition
-scuba tank mounted in secure bracket
-heavy-duty sun awnings
-The boat is USCG documented


A word about teak decks.....

In this part of the country (Texas) teak decks are largely disparaged, while in many other parts of the world they are highly regarded. What is behind this schism?

I myself swore up and down that I wouldn't buy a boat with teak decks, but I did. What happened? Well, everything about the Bostrom 37 shouted out...."bluewater"!! The more I looked at the boat the more I realized that under the faded and neglected exterior was a very high-quality vessel that was a far better boat then anything I had seen to date. The stumbling block for me was the deck. I was scared to death of deck rot and the expense of repairing it. So, I had 3 different professionals look at and sound the deck. None could find anything obvious, no soft spots. And all three said the decks really weren't in as bad a shape as I thought they were. Still, I wasn't satisfied and nearly backed out of the deal.

A last inspiration led me to pop off a couple ventilators to see if I could verify the core material since the owner had told me it was plywood. Plywood definitely wouldn't do for me. To my great amazement the core turned out to be Divinycell foam! And that changed everything for me.

Foam provides a number of advantages; thermal insulation, light-weight, stiffness, and the unlikelihood of rot or lateral migration. It is the ideal deck core material. So why don't more builders use it? Cost. (once again, the Swedes don't cut corners) On top of using foam Porali Marin knew how to build a deck to minimize the possibility of leaks:

The upper, or outer, layer of fiberglas in the deck sandwich is just thick enough (approx 7/16") to keep the teak fasteners from penetrating into the foam. So not only can the core not rot, but water can't get to it in the first place. Like their stainless, their gelcoat, their hand-laid glas, the Swedes do everything as near to perfection as they can visualize.

Having a deck that I could trust finalized the deal for me and restoring the luster and integrity of the teak was one of the most enjoyable projects on the boat. Really, all it needed was some caulking, plugging, and sanding, and now they are a godsend. And I'll tell you why.

Without question a teak deck is still the best non-skid there is. You can take all those artificial non-skids with you to the hospital when you break a bone falling. They take so much more effort to negotiate. Teak is like being glued to the deck, but not. There are a couple of non-skids that give pretty good traction----Treadmaster is one----but it is very hard on the knees and deteriorates badly in the UV. Yes, in the tropics a teak deck gets warm. Well, that's what the insulated foam core is for!?! I have absolutely no reservations about a properly constructed teak deck.

And, you know what? If you just can't stand the deck rip it off and non-skid it yourself. It would take me a month to convert my boat. But I wouldn't feel safe on it.

Click below for a much more detailed commentary on teak decks....

Teak and Techniques, rotten deck core, and Asian boats