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Site is under construction as of Sept.7, '01 (and obviously is an ongoing work-in-progress). I hope to have it finished within two weeks (yeah right!), and that is only because I have to have some of the pictures digitalized from slides. But I will be adding photos and text as I can. Share some of my interests? Just want to start a correspondence? Please get in touch!

In anything 40' or under this boat is a serious contender for the price if you are looking for a top of the line cruising yacht. The boat will sell itself, and quickly, to the first serious buyer who has already looked around. I know because I spent 10 years walking the docks, researching, talking to owners, inspecting boats, looking at lots of junk. And when the time to buy arrived it took me another 2 years to find a boat worthy of buying in my price range. I looked at so much high-priced junk it was depressing. If you're going to spend 100 grand it would be nice if you got something that would hold some value, right?! As you already know, it is easy to buy a "yacht" and put 50 grand into it. But if it has no pedigree before it also has none later. Condition is important, gear, depending on age, can be favorable, but quality impresses. When it says Lloyds, Swedish, bluewater, wood-built interior, all oceans....this is what counts.

Asking price is $99,500 inclusive (the dink and motor, too) See link below for Blue Water Cruising.

We all know the saying, "the two happiest days in a boatowners life are the day he buys it and the day he sells it." Not for me. I bought with great trepidation and anxiety. I will sell this boat with great sadness and regret. I have become emotionally attached to this Bostrom 37. It is nearly a work of art to me. I'm not selling it because of finances, but because of family matters.

I've been told my boat is Bristol......but it's not. Not quite. Brokers and independents alike frequently exaggerate the condition to get your interest. My Bostrom is not exaggerated. But it isn't Bristol either. Close, but not "as new" as I interpret Bristol to mean. It is completely restored and customized to "near new" condition. It is gorgeous inside and out. This is why I suggest that you line up a dozen boats to look at and make mine the last. Mine won't disappoint like so many others will. I've been down this road and I know what you're going to see.

Does anyone have any info on Bruno Bostrom? Is he still alive? Did he design before Porali, or after. I would love to contact him with my compliments to the chef.

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Click here for Blue Water Cruising's website, where the vessel is listed.