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More large photos because they're just sooooo.....pretty.
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ABOVE......the custom aft deck extension with fillet table. The non-skid is actually a light tan color, all done in gelcoat.


Above, my nephew Sam (right) always wanted to be famous. Note this was before the radar/windgen arch and aft-deck.


Above, Mr. Fleming minus the vane which was snapped off 70 miles SE of Galveston during Tropical Storm Allison in June. We were hit with a micro-downburst that caught the "light-air" version vane off-guard and snapped it. I should have had the "heavy-air" vane on. Other than that the boat performed perfectly. And nothing FAILED!!!!!

Below; "The Head". A $1700.00 Baby Blake from England that was stock from the factory.


BELOW, microwave and dirty sink. Ten-coat glossy countertop too....


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